Only have an hour? Here’s our top five things not to be missed

1. Quilts, glorious quilts. With over 250 in our unique collection, and approximately 50 on display, if textiles and patterns is your thing, head for the Textiles room on the first floor. P.S: This might take up your hour.

2. Fabulous Folk Art awaits in the Folk Art Gallery and you might even bump into a film star.

3. Meet a President. Central Hall has a fine portrait of George Washington, the first President of the United States and the inspiration for our Mount Vernon Garden. Be sure to spend time staring into his eyes and exploring the tranquillity of his garden.

4 . Head on over to the Exhibition Gallery to take in our temporary exhibitions. P.S: This also might take up your hour.

5. Or you could just grab a drink and a Snickerdoodle and chill out on the terrace, looking out over the Limpley Stoke Valley. Top tip: you might need someone to come and wake you up, it’s VERY peaceful out there. P.S: Allow 3 hours!


Five fab fun things to do at the American Museum for families

秒速快31. It’s one small step for man, one giant leap for you! Head off into the wilderness and see what you can discover in the gardens and arboretum. Make sure you take photos of your discoveries so you can share them with your friends.

2. Ask not what you can do for your Museum but what your Museum can do for you. Pick up an explorer backpack to help you uncover the New World; located on 3 floors of Claverton Manor.

秒速快33。There’s no business like show business。 Meet a star of the silver screen in our Folk Art gallery。 One of our amazing wooden statues has appeared in a big Hollywood film。 Can you guess which one?

4. It’s a better view if you’re lying down than standing up. When you’re in Central Hall take off you back pack and lay down on the floor. You’ll see our amazing lantern dome and might even catch a glimpse of the star spangled banner. ‘O say can you see…’

秒速快35。 Surround yourself in colour at the Kaffe Fassett’s Quilts in America exhbition!


Fun with your four legged friend. Five things to keep your best friend happy

1. Make sure you have a map so you know where to explore. Always good to stretch your legs after you’ve been in the car so head down to the Parkland for acres of grass and great views.

2. Sniff out our gardens. Blossoms, petals, bright colours and twisting paths. If you see nay fruit though, leave that for the wildlife.

3. If it’s hot and sunny grab some shade in the arboretum and pretend you’re in the wilderness. Just remember to pack up any erm, waste you or your four legged friend might leave.

4. Take a break on the terrace. The Orangery Café has got loads of refreshment for humans and the terrace has dog bowls for your pooch. Ignore the chairs, just spread out on the grass and relax.

5。 Remember to keep him or her on a lead。 We have lots of birds and other wildlife they might want to chase after。 We don’t want anyone getting lost!